Cincinnati Bell Web Hosting

Dwane Welsh

Attn: Cincinnati Bell Web Hosting Customers!

As of June 30th, 2015, Cincinnati Bell is going to discontinue its Web Hosting service. If your business or organization has services that may be effected, we are here to help you migrate/move your existing web site and/ or email over to a more reliable and stable web hosting service.

The process of a seamless migration from Cincinnati Bell services to another provider (namely Genesis Web Studio), can be a bit of work depending upon your current offerings and services you are using.

Let me explain…

Your business or organization’s web site and/ or email can not afford to be disrupted and you’re struggling finding a local Cincinnati-based business to work with (keep it local). Finding a company that not only provides web hosting and email, but full web design/ development services as well can be a time-consuming chore. I hear the sighs already, but don’t fret!

We are here to help save the day!

Genesis Web Studio is a Cincinnati, Ohio based company that has been in business since 2005. We’re here to stay! Not only are we professional and friendly, but we are great at what we do!

Our web hosting services are provided by the leader in web hosting, Rackspace, US Inc.©

We manage and build all of our clients web sites on the Rackspace platform, including our own. The reliability and support is fanatical!

Contact us to get started

Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss any questions or comments you may have regarding your migration, as we are here to help!