Gorge Underground

The Gorge Underground

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It rose from the offerings of Thrillsville Adventure Park. The Gorge Underground tour was by far one of the most popular adventures in the Red River Gorge area.

The adventure takes participants on an exhilarating trip you’ll never forget. Under the Earth’s surface! Paddle your way through in a kayak or experience it as one of our cave boat tour passengers and see what this fantastic new attraction offers. Take the Crystal Kayak Tour in a glass bottom kayak to see rainbow trout and other underwater features!

The Gorge Underground adventure is like no other. Take an exhilarating kayak ride down into the earth’s cavity and explore for yourself!

The owners came to us again to design the basic layout for their website. Working with FareHarbor, we were to provide an online booking solution integrated into their site. They wanted simple and easy for those looking to navigate and purchase tour tickets for cave boat, kayak, paddleboard and seasonal tours in the Red River Gorge.