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We actually contacted Andrew Sonnek from Sonnek & Goldblatt attorneys at law, through a cold email to businesses local to us here in Milford, Ohio. It just so happened that Andrew Sonnek and Greg Goldbatt were looking for a web design/development company to handle their design and development needs.

After a brief phone conversation and some emails, we were hired!

They needed someone to fix flaws in their existing website and update some of their content. We were also asked to finish developing and fix issues with their online client claims portal site. After numerous weeks of design, development, modifications and content adjustments, we completed their projects. Both Andrew and Greg are very excited about the new website and portal! We are proud to have helped.

We look forward to continuing our business relationship!

  • Client: Andrew Sonnek & Greg Goldblatt / Sonnek & Goldblatt
  • Date: October, 2021 – Current
  • Project