Philippus United Church of Christ

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Additional Few Things
The main goals were as follows:

  • Display information about Philippus United Church of Christ.
  • Display images and photos highlighting the 100+ year old church in a clean and modern way.
  • Provide a listing of Ministries available through the church.
  • Display a calendar of events.
  • Display a listing of downloadable PDF newsletters.
  • Incorporate a blog that keeps the site content fresh with exciting information and news.
  • Display the core staff and allow a brief bio on each member.
  • Provide the location in many areas and a contact form the can easily be filled out and submitted for a prompt response.
  • Create a customized site using WordPress to allow the client simple editing and management.
Additional Few Things
As Philippus United Church of Christ continue to grow we will be there with them. If they are successful, we are successful! Cheers and God Bless!